Running for Southern District Executive

Current SDE: Marissa Cowles



SDE is responsible for communication from the region to the Southern District and acting as liaison between their schools and the regional team. Speak at inductions, going to events if invited, helping with training, and answering questions as needed are also key responsibilities.


  • Run a regional campaign similar to an international campaign.
  • Have a flyer about yourself and what you hope to accomplish ready to hand out to people
  • Make your poster board look great
  • Put a lot of thought and energy into your HIA speech to make sure it reflects you as a person as well as a scholar.
  • Talk with members. I noticed during the convention that people kept talking about their credentials when members wanted to hear about what they could do for the region/goals for the region.
  • Prepare ahead of time for your speech. Make sure that it’s something you’re passionate about otherwise people lose interest.