Running for Regional Office 101

The most frequently asked question is, “Should I run for Regional Office?”

The answer is, “Yes!



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We’ve been asked, “Is it hard?”

Our answer: It’s as hard as you let it be. If you’re dedicated and committed to your goals, then running for regional office is a synch.


We’ve been asked, “Do I have to be a good public speaker?”

Our answer: ¬†You have to be good at being yourself. You’ll be speaking to friends and family, because that’s what we are as Phi Theta Kappa members.


We’ve been asked, “Is it time consuming?”

Our answer: It can be, but it’s almost never as demanding as one would expect. Certain regional positions definitely have a higher time demand, but overall it won’t take over your life. In general, there are only three times you’ll be required to travel: the Regional Training at the start of your term in office, the Fall Conference, and the Spring Conference. Almost all other events with be situational. Besides events and conferences there will be your team meetings worked out to everyone’s schedule as best as possible and the individual duties per position.


You’ve read this far – which means you’re interested in running for Regional Office! But, which position do you want? Your 2016/17 Regional Officer Team is here to clue you in on the individual duties of each regional position…


Regional President


Regional Vice President


Regional VP of Communication


Northern District Executive


Eastern District Executive


Southern District Executive


Western District Executive


One final tip from DeLinda Martin-Huggins, our Regional Coordinator:

People remember kind and respectful actions. Set a good example for others, and members will remember you for it.