Our Goals

The 2017/18 year is OUR year. Let’s make some waves together.

Full set of goals coming soon.


2016/17 Goals:


The Rocky Mountain Cascade Region is one of the smaller regions in Phi Theta Kappa’s vast library. However, we have HUGE potential. That’s why we’re going to host one of the most transparent and collaborative years to date – your goals are our goals, and ours are yours. We plan on an abundant, and powerful Cascade of knowledge and education.


Our biggest goal this year is unlocking our chapters’ full potential. That’s why we’re kicking off our 2-Star+ initiative. Here’s a word on it from our Regional President, Kristian Reyes:


Our goal for the region this year is to have every chapter in our region be at least a two-star chapter. I would love for every chapter to become better than they were last year (meaning that one-star chapters become two star chapters, two-star chapters become three-stars, three-star chapters become four-stars, four-star chapters become five-stars, and five-star chapters remain strong and active five star chapters). As your regional president, I am here to serve the region and do my best to encourage and help you and your chapter earn your stars. If you ever have any questions, concerns, ideas, etc., feel free to contact me anytime!

Click here for info on how to become a Five Star Chapter.


We are also prioritizing steady and effective communication this year, between officers and also between our chapters and the Regional Team. Here’s what our Regional VP of Communications Ben Lawrence has to say about it:

It’s my personal belief that communication is the cornerstone of success, and that’s because every great infrastructure needs a strong foundation of both understanding and trust. If we can talk about a goal, then we can accomplish it! So, I want to know what your goals are, and we can work together to accomplish them. Part of our strategy to achieve this effective communication is the new Monthly Polls we’re doing in the revamped Regional Newsletter. I encourage you to vote in the polls, shoot me an email, or add me on Facebook. I’d love to hear from every last one of you!

Click here to view the Regional Newsletters.


Our Northern District Executive, Cassie James, has another big announcement for you:

Hey, RMC Region! I’m excited to announce that your 2016/17 regional officer team has decided to do a Regional Honors In Action! Once we have decided on a theme and a topic we’ll be reaching out to you to give us a helping hand. Our goal is to have a project that all Fall Conference attendees can participate in. More updates will be coming soon, so please keep checking our Facebook and website!

Right now, we’re heavily considering using Theme 2: Individualization and Collectivism as the basis for our Regional HIA, but we’re still doing research and digging into the need. The project, if all goes as planned, will come to fruition at the 2016 Fall Honors in Action Conference. Cassie is running point on the project for us, but if you have any questions, feel free to contact any of your Regional Team members.

Click here for more info on Regional Conferences.


To sum up the region’s goals for the 2016/17 year, here are the words of our regional VP and Eastern District Executive, Jason Ward:


The Rocky Mountain portion of the name of our region is self-explanatory, and in the past has been largely used as the symbol for our region. But Cascade is also part of that name. A cascade is two things: a small waterfall, often one of several that fall in stages down a steep rocky slope; and also a process whereby something, typically information or knowledge, is successively passed on.

The image of a cascading waterfall down a rocky mountain is perfect to symbolize the goals of the RMC Region: to pass on not only knowledge, but the recognition of the academic achievement of two-year college students and the opportunities for individual growth for all members, as per the Phi Theta Kappa mission statement.

The mission of the 2016-17 Rocky Mountain-Cascade Regional Officer Team is to pass on all knowledge and information needed to attain Five Star excellence to every chapter in the region, and to celebrate all achievements with thunderous applause as resounding as the clap of water falling on high from the top of the Rocky Mountains.

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